Apple Magic Keyboard Overlay

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Clear Keyboard Protector for Apple Magic Keyboard Keep your Apple Magic Keyboard protected from accidental spills and unwanted dust. This premium TPU will give your Magic Keyboard a personal touch and keeps your keyboard clean and dry. Features: Designed to provide full protection for your keyboard against water spills, dust and debris High quality and durable TPU material for a perfect fit and maximum protection Highly transparent for the best key visibility, including backlit keyboard Extremely thin, light and soft for maximum key sensitivity and response Easy to apply/remove for cleaning or disinfecting. Compatible with Apple Magic Keyboard (ISO - Europe) Cleaning Instructions: Please remove the protective cover from the keyboard Clean on a flat surface with water Rinse with water Let it dry completely Do NOT wrinkle Benefits: Need Protection" Use this TPU Keyboard overlay to keep Apple Magic Keyboard Clean & Dust Free Avoid Smudes + Sticky Messes on your keycap.