Globe Fire Bowl With Grill Red

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LaHacienda Globe Fire Bowl with Grill. La Hacienda's Fire Bowls introduce Color Innovation to outdoor garden heaters! The striking vibrant color is the perfect way to add a splash of color to your outdoor space and a simple way to introduce heat to your garden or patio. Quick and easy to use, create a log fire within the bowl of the product, position the protective mesh cover and wait for the flames to dance. Relaz in your favorite position and enjoy the mesmerising view of the flames. This bright and cheerful garden heater can also be used for BBQ style cooking. The unit includes a large chrome plated cooking grill, which allows users to produce BBQ style food from the comfort of their own garden. The large deep bowl of the Globe firepit is made from steel, which is coated in bright durable color enamel. The enamalled bowl and color finish is a simple and easy to clean, while extremely durable. Included is a metal tool which allows the protective mesh cover to be easily removed and replaced when refuelling and when hot. An absolute must have for garden lovers! Add this bright firepit to your garden and create an inviting atmosphere perfect for entertaining all year round. Unique, eye-catching design, featuring a bright blue or red enameled bowl. The large bowl is made of heavy-duty steel and is simple and easy to clean and maintain. Includes a chrome-plated cooking grill. Protective mesh lid helps protect from fly-away sparks. Includes a metal tool for removing the protective mesh cover when hot. Red.